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Our Process

The Home Staging Company offers a range of services to best meet your needs. We carry our own inventory of furniture and decorative accessories to enhance your existing furnishings or to stage a vacant home. Our goal is to maximize the value of your home.



We will walk through your home and view each room with a trained eye. We will make a detailed plan and show you areas where we can turn your home into a showplace property, and make buyers feel at home the minute they walk through your door.


Home Staging

For homes that are already furnished: We will rearrange your furniture and accessories for optimum eye appeal.  We will provide additional decorative accessories for rent, as needed.  We will recommend upgrades and repairs and leave you with a detailed list of suggestions.

For vacant homes

We will provide furniture and accessories and arrange them for maximum appeal. Furniture is available for a rent from our inventory for a small fee. We will also recommend upgrades and repairs as needed. Staging fee includes set-up and taking down of all furnishings plus a 60- day rental of furnishings. Price varies with the size and style of the home.


Homeowners and Move-in Design Service

We offer homeowners the opportunity to update their current home style with custom consulting services that focus on lighting, color selection, rearranging furniture, and adding accessories to make each room into an inviting place. 

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