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My Story

Hi, I am Manisha Dattkaya, a certified Interior Decorator and Accredited Staging Professional and the proud owner of  Welcome Staging & Design, a company that provides Real Estate Home Staging and Interior Decorating services for residential homes and small offices.



I’ve always had an eye for beauty and a passion for style. I turned my passion into a business idea and that is how Welcome Staging and Design was born. I started my company with just one goal in mind: to help create functional dream spaces for clients where they can live, work and relax at the end of the day.


In a short time, I have had the opportunity to work on various projects. I believe that every home is unique and it should reflect one’s personal taste. I love a challenge and I am always ready to take it head-on.



I work with my client and for my clients, without compromising on quality or services.


My portfolio under Staging Projects showcases the scope of my work that I have covered in a short period since I started. I have worked on commercial spaces, upscale houses to tiny city pods.



I hope to work with you one day and look forward to hearing from you. Don’t wait, get in touch today and let’s create magic together!

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Why Home staging is important ?

Home staging focuses on improving a property by transforming it into an inviting, appealing, and attractive product for sale.

The primary benefit of staging for any seller is maximizing the equity gain from the sale of the property.  Staging also reduces the home’s flaws. Making it look its best with furniture placement, lighting, color, and much more.  For vacant homes, home stagers use their furniture or rented furniture to create a living space that buyers can see themselves in.  Properly designed staging leads the eye to attractive features and minimizes the property’s flaws.  A professional home stager is trained to help you and real estate professionals navigate this process. 

When a vacant home is staged or redesigned (Owner occupied), sellers experience less stress after the house sells. Rather than waiting for an offer and then packing up and moving all at once, homeowners pre-pack as part of the staging process.  Sellers are often amazed what a difference well-chosen décor can do. 

Buyers realize that a staged home is easier to see what they are buying. A staged home is de-cluttered and “depersonalized” by removing the existing family personal belongings.  Buyers can fall in love with the house because a professionally staged home shows buyers how their furniture will fit in the house to maximize the space.  Buyers have peace of mind knowing that all repairs and updating are done.

Working with a professional stager provides an objective third-party opinion.   Homeowners have an attachment to their home and its appearance, they are likely to over look flaws that potential buyers will see. This is where we can provide an impartial opinion, and professionally redesign the interior of your home to appeal to buyers.

Staged properties show better and will generate higher bids, multiple offers and less time on the market.

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